In late 2012, again involved in civic activism (after a nearly 4 year vacation), I decided to write various columns/opinion pieces and self-publish them here. The idea was/is that, if an article was subsequently published elsewhere, I would NOT have it available on this site but would instead 'link' to the media outlet where it had been published. If - and only if - I subsequently become aware that the article is no longer available at the external site, I will change the link back to this site.

On learning from rather recent history - why there are some battles that even the big guys cannot afford to win.

A Webmaster's Odyssey - Part 1 - attempt at an objective report on what events have transpired since S-2863 was filed and the Stop Costco Gas Coalition was formed. This report takes the reader up to the point where the OZAH hearings were rescheduled until late April, 2013. (March 2013)

Loose Threads: Part 1 - in which I muse about the various things I experienced and learned while working as the Webmaster for the Stop Costco Gas Coalition. (March 2013)

Yes, Health REALLY Matters! - with apologies to my friend P. H. Filler. (January 2013)

On Fiscal Realities and Magical Thinking - in which I comment on the need to get real about how to "fix" our economic problems. (December 2012)

What Happens When A Lawyer Goes Rogue? - in which I spin an allegorical tale about how a rogue lawyer causes problems for a small neighborhood organization. (December 2012)

If It Stinks Like a Duck - how could I get so upset about the dates for some Special Exception Hearings? (November 2012)

Take Our Gas Station, Please - a rather tongue-in-cheek column (November 2012) in which I comment on the then-ongoing battle over a proposal by Costco to build a mega gas station in an inappropriate place. This appeared, with modifications, in the January 31, 2013 Federation Corner of the Montgomery Sentinel and is available here.

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