At most meetings of the Montgomery County Board of Education a portion of the agenda is devoted to Public Comment. Up to 15 citizens can testify for two minutes (each) about some school system issue that concerns them. I have taken this opportunity on occasion, as the following pdf files (reverse chronological order) attest.

Please Make A Public Comment - in February, 2013 I asked the Board to make a public comment about the potential health risk, to staff and students at Stephen Knolls School, of the proposed Costco mega gas station in nearby Westfield Mall. I had become aware that the Board, presumably under political pressure, was refusing to speak out on the issue and had apparently instructed staff and parents not to comment. I was exceedingly disappointed that the Board ignored my testimony, preferring to remain silent rather than say anything, even to state that they disagreed with me.

On Wise Use of Limited Resources - in July, 2007, upon receiving yet another 'propaganda packet' from MCPS, I sent the BoE a long Email (asking that it be considered a form of extended public comment), urging them to consider the waste of dollars, public involvement, and other resources that the repeated mailing of such materials represents.

On Authority - in May 2006, as the Seven Locks ES controversy raged on, I urged the BoE to consider the multiple meanings, and the consequences of the ill-advised use, of authority.

On Jobs Well Done - in March, 2006, I acknowledged, on behalf of the Kensington Heights Citizens Association, that the schools serving our community appeared to be doing a very good job.

On the Use of Carver - in January, 2006, I demanded that the BoE involve the community in discussions of the possible re-use of Carver Educational Services Center.

On Policy FAA - in May 2005 I urged the BoE to reconsider planned revisions to its Policy FAA (Long-Range Educational Facilities Planning).

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