Except as noted below, most of these articles stem from my time of service as Chair of The Montgomery County Civic Federation Education Committee. The articles, with some editing, appeared in the 'Federation Corner' section of the Montgomery County Sentinel. I have posted here the original versions (they will either download as pdf or open in your designated pdf reader), with the date they were submitted, in reverse chronological order. In most cases they appeared within two weeks of the date of submission.

Not Rocket Science - a January, 2007 column in which I argue that MCPS makes it needlessly difficult for the public to understand and evaluate the school system budget

Audits - a December, 2006 column on Board of Education reaction to the IGs analysis of MCPS actions surrounding the controversy over the Seven Locks ES

Pay Attention to What MCPS Says and Does - a September, 2006 column focusses on the Global Screening process (by which the 'Gifted & Talented' designation is derived) and argues that the process and the assumptions underlaying it warrant more scrutiny

Failed Again - a June, 2006 column in which we lament our continuing failures to educate members of the Board of Education

Educating the Board of Education - a May, 2006 column asking help from the public in improving the attitudes of certain members of the Board of Education

Budget Daze Part 2 - a March, 2006 column asking how much money MCPS wastes on propaganda about the school system budget

That's Not Good Enough - a February, 2006 column in which I argue that the apparent resolution of the Seven Locks ES controversy is not satisfactory and link the flawed process to a number of other problems facing Montgomery County

Bring the Public to the Table - a December, 2005 column demanding that public input be gathered before any action be taken to transfer Carver Educational Services Center from MCPS to Montgomery College

It's Our Back Yard - a November, 2005 column in which I again discuss the Seven Locks ES controversy and argue that calling those who object 'NIMBYs' misses the point that the entire County is everyone's back yard and thus all citizens must be informed and engaged

The Effects of Misused Words in the Dialogue on Public Education - an October, 2005 column in which I took MCPS and the BoE to task for mis-using words and discussed how this has serious negative effects on our discussion of public education

Advice Regarding MCPS Funding - a May, 2005 column including much of our testimony, before the County Council, regarding the MCPS component of funds required in the CIP (Capital Improvement Program) for FY05-10

Bad Night for the BoE - a May, 2005 column on a particularly unsettling public meeting of the Board of Education

Spend School Funds Wisely - a January, 2005 column replicating part of my testimony before the BoE regarding its projected FY2006-7 budget

Unneeded School Sites - a November, 2004 column in which I contend that ongoing efforts to declare certain MCPS properties as surplus are driven by alternative political agendas rather than a serious discussion of the needs of the school system

Politics and Schools Are an Unfortunate Mix - an April, 2004 column, the first of several that address the issue of pressures on MCPS to declare certain MCPS properties surplus so that the County can use them for 'workforce housing'

Boycotting Strathmore Hall - a February, 2004 column in which I explain why I am no longer patronizing Strathmore Hall Arts Center

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