A time-tested vehicle for speaking out, letters to editors of newspapers are sometimes an effective means of influencing public dialogue. I have taken this path on occasion, as the following pdf files (reverse chronological order) attest.

How Much Growth? - in a March, 2008 letter to the Southern Maryland Enterprise, I urged a detailed analysis of how much growth we really need and how we arrive at 'our' numbers.

Funding for Roads in St. Mary's County - in a February, 2006 letter to the Southern Maryland Enterprise, I suggested that funding for local road projects might be greatly reduced because of the high cost of the Inter-County Connector.

Real Concern for Workforce Housing - in a May, 2005 letter to the Washington Post, I questioned the likelihood that Montgomery County government would seriously work to increase the stock of workforce housing, given that the skyrocketing costs of housing in the county were largely the result of poor growth policy implementation by the same government leaders.

Improving Snow Plowing - in a January, 2005 letter to the Montgomery Gazette, I suggested that some snow plows should plow away from curb lanes and thus improve access for pedestrians, buses, etc.

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