In 2013, deeply involved in the Stop Costco Gas Coalition effort, I was convinced by some of my colleagues that I ought to enter the "blogosphere". I had been reluctant to do so, because I had looked at some blog sites and been unimpressed at the level of discourse. But my colleagues pointed out that many newspapers were in fact relying on bloggers to raise points of public concern and that to ignore this was to reject one potential means of influencing the public dialogue. So I entered the new "universe". My initial efforts were not particularly "successful", but I resolved to keep at it and try to get better.

Open Letter to County Executive Leggett - Part 3 - having received no additional replies from Mr. Leggett, I completed the series by explaining to him why his assertions as to the "value" of Costco's store were devoid of factual information and rife with fuzzy thinking. And reminded him that the citizens who contacted him were in fact not even raising any concerns about the store in any case.

Open Letter to County Executive Leggett - Part 2 - because Mr. Leggett chose to reply to me in the same devious fashion for which I had criticized him, I was compelled to again call him to task.

Open Letter to County Executive Leggett - Part 1 - blogging as myself, I posted the first of a 3 part letter to Mr. Leggett, criticizing him for his devious manner of responding to letters from citizens with concerns about Costco's proposed gas station.

Keeping It Simple - again blogging as the SCGC webmaster, I attempted to pose two questions intended to convince those who did not view the proposed gas station as a serious concern, that they should reconsider their positions.

On the Forest Buffer and Costco's Application - in my first post, blogging as the SCGC webmaster, I tried to start a dialogue about the fact that Costco was using an invalid exemption to avoid having to file a Forest Conservation Plan, which is normally required of all Special Exception applications.

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