Having retired from my academic job, I offer a number of lectures/courses: each is an extension (or variation) on subjects I've already taught, such as:

-> A lecture/discussion for students who have been accepted to medical school (or a graduate program in the biomedical sciences) and who can benefit from a discussion of the sorts of 'problems' they might encounter and how they can use the skills they have already developed to improve their experience as they embark on 'advanced education'. View outline of the presentation.

-> Physarum polycephalum: The past, present, and future of a biological 'model system'. Intended for upper level undergraduate students (either majoring in biology or in a related field) this course discusses the biology of the acellular slime mold P. polycephalum (click here), from the point of view of how it has been useful in the past and may again become a favored object of study in the future. By examining why current studies on the system are less numerous, the course explores how trends in science wax/wane and how the realities of scientific publishing, funding, etc. impact the long term utilization of model systems as changing methodologies change the focus of research workers.

-> A Prematriculation Course for Students Already Admitted to Medical School. View a more detailed description of this course.

-> Topics in Microscopic Anatomy: The multiple lectures & classroom skills I can add to your teaching program

-> An Overview of Cell Biology

-> A Concise Presentation of the Elements of Human Embryology

-> Mechanisms of Cell Motility

-> How to get the most out of YOUR light microscope

-> The research I continue to do and how my technical skills might complement those available in your research lab

The fee(s) for these services will be determined based on specifics of each contract. As time and energy permit, I will flesh out this page with links to more detailed descriptions of each of the listed services. If any of the above interest you, please feel free to contact me to discuss them in more detail!
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Last modified: Monday, March 24, 2014