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Posted September 17, 2013

Some stunning light microscope images are available at the websites of vendors who sponsor competitions. For two such sets of winning images, click here and here.

Previously Posted Great Image Sites

Microbial Art - When humans work with wee beasties to create art. Posted November 23, 2009

NOAA Photo Library - Historic photos of clouds, rainbows, storms and much more. Posted March 9, 2007.

LIFE - A Journey Through Time - An arresting slide and sound show, based on numerous photographs. Posted October 29, 2006.

World Wide Panorama - Pick a language, pick a place and move your mouse to see panoramic views of a variety of gardens and other beautiful places on our planet! Posted August 27, 2006.

UCAR Images - a large library of atmospheric research images; weather, clouds, air pollution, and many more. Posted July 26, 2005.

World Wide Panorama - panoramic photos of various places on our home planet, many presented as VR panoramas. Posted July 26, 2004.

Lunar Photo of the Day. Posted March 12, 2004.

Gateway to Astronaut Photography - access the many photos taken by austronauts, some dating back to 1961. Posted December 31, 2003.

Nikon Small World - winners in the 2003 competition. Posted December 8, 2003

Fractal Art Gallery - some stunning creations and instructions on how to use them. Posted November 16, 2003.

Polar Image - an absolute goldmine of images of atmospheric phenomena, as well as some great nature images, etc. Posted June 20, 2003

USGS Photo Library - A searchable collection of images of national parks, earthquakes, mines, etc. Posted June 16, 2003

Electron Microscope Images - A gallery of images posted by the EM Unit of the University of Sydney, Australia. Posted April 22, 2003.

NeMO Animal Gallery - A gallery of images of animals found at Axial Seamount, an underwater hydrothermal vent being studied as part of the New Millenium Observatory Project sponsored by NOAA. Posted May 28, 2002.

Fractal Alhambra - Like fractal images? Check out this art gallery, and don't miss the artist's Fractal Interpretation of the King James Version of the Bible! Posted February 1, 2002.

3D Art Gallery - These 3D Images (bring your red-green glasses) from FEI Corp. are VERY well done. If you like red-green anaglyphs, you'll love these! Posted 16 November, 2001

Galleries - SEMs from the EM Facility at Utah State University - Many of these are student generated and the electicism is great! Posted 26 October, 2001.

Synapse Web - The changing set of images on the homepage is almost worth the price of admission, but be sure to browse this wealth of neurocytology images and info. Posted 7/15/2001.

Astronomy Images - Anglo-Australian Observatory And check out the home page for some useful info on Astronomy. Posted 4/1/01.

Interactive Atlas of Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy A wonderful set of images in various formats, including some really nice 3D images. Posted 3/18/01

Chiclid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa A large gallery of nice photos; check it out, if only to learn what chiclid fishes are! Posted 03/03/2001.

Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island & McMurdo Sound, Antarctica Information about, and images of, flora and fauna found under the Ross Ice Shelf. Posted 01/16/2001.

Antartic Krill Linked to the Rutgers University iMIC Project, this site offers some stunning images of cold water organisms, along with lots of information and the repeated caution that "these images can be downloaded for free use by Kindergarten, schools and all kids under the age of 17 in all countries." Posted 01/02/01.

Molecular Expressions Galleries of Images from the World of Microscopy A bit tricky to navigate, this site has LOTS of really nice images, in some rather eclectic folders! Posted 11/20/2000.

Chaos Gallery Put a little chaos back in your life! Or at least some great images (including some dazzling animations). Posted 11/10/2000.

EM Unit Snow Page Most of these images of snow flakes were taken with a scanning electron microscope. The variety of shapes and the quality of the images are impressive. Posted 10/30/2000.

Kelp Forest This exhibit is one of many on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Website. Be sure to check out the various Quicktime Virtual Tours. Posted 10/24/2000.

Geology Central A database of Geology Websites. Be sure to browse the extensive gallery of virtual geology field trips. Posted 10/16/2000

Cone Shells and Conotoxins Find out about the toxins associated with these marine organisms, and be sure to look at the cone shell images (go to "cone shells", then scroll down to The Gallery of Coneshells). Posted 10/9/2000. Noctilucent Cloud Observers" Homepage Learn what these are and look through a dazzling gallery of images. Posted 10/2/2000.

Infrared Astronomy Another great NASA site; check out the Infrared Gallery! Posted 9/24/2000.

UC Berkeley Digital Library Project A large and growing repository of images of plants, animals, people, etc. Posted 9/18/2000.

The Cave of Lascaux Look at the wall paintings at this famous French site. Posted 9/11/2000

Royal Tombs of Uhr Special Exhibition at the Morgan Library. Posted 9/4/2000.

Global Climate Animations Helps you get a handle on how things are changing! Posted 8/30/2000

SOHO: The Solar Heliospheric Observatory Another NASA Webpage: Click on Best of SOHO Images. Posted 8/22/2000

Crystal Lattice Structures Just what it says! Posted 6/25/2000

Harmful Algae Photos of harmful algal blooms. Posted 6/3/2000.

VolVis Image Gallery Images from the Visualization Lab at SUNY-Stony Brook. Posted 5/30/2000

Web Gallery of Art The title says it all; and you can send ePostcards! Posted 5/13/2000.

WebShots A wonderful source of nice pics, screensavers, ePostcards, etc. Posted 5/5/2000

Trace Fossil Image Database Go to the homepage if you'd like to read about Ichnology. Posted 4/27/2000

A Gallery of Images from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. - Posted 4/10/2000

A Web Atlas of Cellular Structure. Posted 4/3/2000

Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology - Some very nice electron micrographs. Posted 3/28/2000.

IMB Image Library of Biological Macromolecules - Also includes hotlinks to many on-line sources of data on macromolecules. Posted 3/20/2000

A Fullerene Structure Library - If you've heard of Buckminster Fuller and/or BuckyBalls, no further clarification is needed. Posted 3/13/2000

The Smithsonian Institution Science Service Historical Images Collection - Click on the "Subjects to Choose From" button; some of the categories are - at this point - only sparsely represented, but there are still some very nice images. Posted 3/2/2000

The Big Picture Book of Viruses - The title pretty much says it all! Posted 22 February, 2000.

Mite Image Gallery - If you like wee beasties, you'll love David Walter's Mite Image Gallery! Posted 12 February, 2000.

FishBase Photo Gallery - This photo gallery is part of a website with lots of information about, you guessed it.... Posted 7 February, 2000

Spermatological Images - Part of The Spermatology Home Page, this site has a number of images of sperm as well as links to other sources of such images. Posted 01/31/2000.

The New York Botanical Garden - Tour the Rock Garden or one of the other text/picture garden choices. Posted 01/24/2000

Theban Mapping Project - Argueably not really an image site, but it has some neat graphics... Posted 1/14/2000

Invertebrate Paleontology Image Gallery - A bit cumbersome until you learn how to get around, but has some very nice images. Posted 1/6/2000

Image Wall - A link from NASA's Antarctica Website, this Image Wall has links to a series of Earth Images; maintained by Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio. Posted 11/28/99.

Galactic Planetary Nebulae Gallery - A series of images captured with the Hubble Telescope. Posted 11/22/99.

Nikon Gallery - Some nice photomicrographs in the Small World section; and the World Portfolio section has an option to send photo-postcards by Email!. Posted 11/18/99

The Imager Gallery - An eclectic mix of images produced by denizens of the Computer Graphics Laboratory at the University of British Columbia. Posted 2 November, 1999

Photoquilt of the Millenium - Think that Kodak might have some nice images on their Website? You bet! Check out this expanding quilt and - if that doesn't satisfy you - go back to their Homepage and browse.Posted 28 October, 1999

FishScope - Many interesting images of Zebrafish, including some nice 3D movies of developmental stages such as gastrulation. Posted 18 October 1999

The Carnivorous Plant FAQ - Take the whimsical tour of the Galleria Carnivora . Posted 11 October, 1999.

Scanning Probe Microscopy - A gallery of images captured by the Institute of Food Research Group. Posted October 5, 1999

The Virtual Mummy - Look at the section on reconstructions. The red-green stereo anaglyphs (you DO have a pair of those old 3-D movie glasses, don't you?) are some of the best you are ever likely to see! Posted 29 August, 1999

Beautiful Birds - The Cornell University Library has made available numerous plates from the Hill Ornithology Collection.Posted 8/22/99.

NOAA Photo Collection - A goldmine! This one will keep you busy for days. You might also want to go "back" to the NOAA home page and look at the "Image of the Day" feature. Posted August 5, 1999

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia- Plan to spend some serious browsing time here. Access the site map and take the virtual tour. It includes some "panoramic views" of specific exhibitions. Posted July 11, 1999.

TOTALLY TESSELLATED - Means what it says; be sure to check-out the Escher gallery. Posted June 27, 1999.

ILLUSIONWORKS - A variety of optical illusions, with explanatory text. Posted June 19, 1999

MOLECULAR EXPRESSIONS: Images from the microscope - Not your grandma's microscope... Posted June 14, 1999

STM Image Gallery - That IBM would host a gallery of images from the Scanning Tunneling Microscope is not surprising; that they would be so neat and so "artistic" is a bit...Posted June 4, 1999

VOXEL-MAN- A gallery of images generated using the volume visualization package authored at the University of Hamburg. The red-green anaglyphs are some of the best we've ever seen. Posted May 30, 1999.

Fractal Pictures & Animations- Many beautiful fractals and information (just in case you don't already know) as to what they are. The background on the opening page is a bit much, but hang in there and you will be pleased. Posted May 23, 1999

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy Page - An ecclectic mix of very nice photomicrographs, including some stunning SEMs. Posted May 16, 1999

Views of the Solar System - Just what is says, plus lots of information. Posted May 9, 1999

Dragonflies - If you like these special organisms, here's a goldmine of photos. Posted 5/2/99.

The Miller Project - Images and virtual flythroughs of such ancient buildings as the Parthenon. Posted 4/26/99.

Moody Medical Library's Collection of Historical Microscopes - An online exhibit, with reference materials. Posted 4/19/99

Vascular Plant Image Gallery- An alphabetical listing of images of a huge number of plants. Posted 4/12/99

Visualizations of Viruses - Has some very nice stereo anaglyphs. Posted 4/6/99; altered url posted 7/30/11

Stonehenge and Other Large Stone Sites - Take a virtual tour of some of the relics you may not have time to visit. Posted 3/29/99

NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day - One of Our Alltime Favorites, with Many Interesting Links. Posted 3/22/99

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