3-D Movie Rendering of Actin-labeled RAFT Cell

Volume rendering of Stage-III Amoeboflagellate of Physarum polycephalum in which polymeric (F-) actin was labelled with Rhodamine-Phalloidin. The cell was imaged by confocal microscopy and a Z-series data set was used to construct the movies available here. The cell is seen with its long axis parallel to the substratum and oriented approximately in the "y" direction, with the anterior of the cell (A - anterior flagellae not seen) at the top of the field. The dark oval space (*) reflects the absence of actin from the nucleus. Actin is concentrated in a flattened projection (the "ridge" = R) extending from one side ("dorsal") of the cell, as well as in a cluster of "posterior spots" (P) that correspond to the point at which the transforming cell makes transient adhesions with the substratum. The figure to the right is rendered as though rotated 180 degrees about the y-axis from that seen on the left.

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Last updated February 2, 2009.