When EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE was established, in 1991, it was intended as a vehicle by which a 'poorly-paid' academician might earn some extra money. In the last decades of my academic career I became increasing concerned about the quality of education in our country and increasingly engaged in civic activism directed at improving public education. Having retired from academia (in 2008), I continue to teach and write (hopefully earning some compensation) and to do some research, but I also spend considerable time working ('pro bono') to improve public education and to enhance the understanding that our society has of the meaning and value of education. You may recognize this as a very brief 'Mission' or 'Vision' statement; for a more extensive discussion of this, look at the section entitled The BIGGER PICTURE.

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If, after examining this and other portions of the website, you wish to contact me, you can send an Email to Mark R. Adelman, or FAX me at 301-942-4108.

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